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We have created an intelligent trading bot that makes your
trading easy, minimizes risk, and boosts your profit margin.

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The platform you choose to earn money from Cryptocurrency market will determine whether you will be successful. That is why it is crucial to choose a trading platform that has been tested and proven to be effective. If you are searching for a trading bot that will help you make good money, you are in the right place today. We have created an intelligent trading bot that makes your trading easy, minimizes risk, and boosts your profit margin.

We are a group of mathematicians and economists who have been working on the trading industry for more than ten years. We have created one of the best auto trading bots on the market through machine learning and artificial bot intelligence. We tested this program extensively in 2019 and got the following results: With the no-risk investment, we got 10000% net profits, medium risk investment, we earned 30000% net profits, and with high-risk investment, we made 55000% net profits. With such huge success from our extensive tests, we decided to create a program to help those interested in investing in this industry.

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Investment Solutions

daily For 12 days
Deposit Range: $20 - $500
daily For 12 days
Deposit Range: $501 - $5000
daily For 12 days
Deposit Range: $5001 +

Profit Calculator

daily profit: 1 USD

12 days profit: 15 USD

What makes the program unique?

With so many trading programs, it is possible to wonder why you should choose this trading program over others. In this section, we will discuss things that make this trading program stand out above the rest.

Reliable and Consistent

The last thing that you want as a trader is a trading platform that is not reliable. Some trading platforms are so inconsistent that you don't know whether you will make profits or lose your investment. But that is not the case with this trading system.

One thing that you are guaranteed when you choose this trading platform is reliability and consistency. If you follow the trading signal given to the latter when making your trades, then you are guaranteed of reliable and consistent outcome every time you make your trades.

We guarantee a 99.99% platform uptime providing the much-needed reliability and stability to our esteem clients.


Our experts have invested a lot to ensure that investment and sensitive information our client's personal details don't get into the hands of the wrong people. This trading bot uses the latest encryption technology that ensures safe investment. Our privacy policy guarantees the safety of all your investment and personal details. We promise that you that all personal information that you provide will remain safe and secured.

Timely Profits

We accept payment from our clients and pay them profits quickly. We guarantee that your earnings will be credited to your account in real-time, with no excuses or delays. You can also withdraw your profits from your trading account to your E-currency account anytime. Depositing and withdrawing money on this platform is incredibly simple and secure.

Our Features

ShinyGain is offers user-friendly platform, secure infrastructure and applications
that make the investment an easy and automated process

Easy to use

Both experts and newbies can use this platform because it provides an easy platform to start making money without any prior knowledge.

100% Automated

This trading platform is 100% automated. It means that it will do all the trading tasks for you. All you need to do is wait to see how much profits you will make from your investment.

It has been tested

This platform has been designed by highly skilled and experienced professionals. It has also been tested and proven to help low-risk and high-risk traders make a profit from their investments.

Guaranteed customer

We value our clients more than anything else, and we always put their interests first. That is why we created a trading bot that guarantees a high-profit margin.


We wanted to offer a trading platform that requires no trading experience, and that is precisely what we have delivered. We believe test everyone deserves to make profitable trades.

We are fully

We have automated every aspect of the trade to ensure that all your trades are executed fast and at a favorable price. When the market moves to your favor, our trading platform will automatically execute the trade.

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